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Function Reference

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  • Absolute - Returns the absolute of a value.
  • Aeon - Each roll can explode to two or more rolls.
    aeon(roll, poolSize, target[, branches])
  • BASH! - This function is used to support BASH! rules.
    bash(poolSize, roll)
  • Burning Wheel - This function is used to support Burning Wheel rules.
    bwheel(roll, poolSize, target, rollAgain)
  • Dice Pool - Roll a number of dice, count results above a certain target.
    pool(roll, poolSize, target[, extra[, fail[, explode[, limit]]]])
  • Dystopian Wars - This function is used to support Dystopian Wars rules.
    dwars(roll, poolSize, target, rollAgain)
  • Exalted - Makes a check using Exalted rules.
    exal(poolSize, target)
  • Exploding - Makes an exploding roll.
    expUp(roll[, target[, newRoll[, newTarget[, limit]]]])
  • Exploding/Collapsing - Make an exploding/collapsing roll.
    exp(roll[, upperTarget[, lowerTarget[, upperLimit[, lowerLimit]]]])
  • HERO System - Compute Normal Damage and Body Damage according to the HERO System.
  • Maximum - Return the highest of two values.
    max(firstRoll, secondRoll)
  • Minimum - Return the lowest of two values.
    min(firstRoll, secondRoll)
  • New WoD - Makes a check using the New World of Darkness rules.
    nwod(poolSize, target)
  • Original WoD - Makes a check using the Original World of Darkness rules.
    owod(poolSize, target)
  • Random - Generate a random value.
    rand(min, max)
  • Rolemaster - Roll can explode accroding to Rolemaster rules.
    rolemaster(roll[, target[, fumble[, limit]]])
  • Roll again - Roll again if result is equal or below the boundary.
    reroll(roll, boundary, maxRoll)
  • Roll and Keep - Execute a Roll & Keep test.
    rak(roll, poolSize[, keep])
  • Round down - Rounds down a value.
  • Round up - Rounds up a value.
  • Shadowrun 4 - Perform a test using the Shadowrun 4ed system.
    shrun4(roll, poolSize, target, rollAgain, failTarget)
  • Shadowrun 5 - Perform a test using the Shadowrun 5ed system.
    shrun5(roll, poolSize, target, rollAgain, failTarget)

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