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Each roll can explode to two or more rolls.


aeon(roll, poolSize, target[, branches])
roll: A formula representing the dice to roll. Must be an indeterministic formula.
poolSize: Number of times roll is evaluated.
target: The value to reach to obtain an explosion.
branches: Optional. Number of times roll is evaluated when an explosion occour. If not specified is equal to 2.
The sum of all the outcomes of roll, excluded the values equals or above target.


Makes an exploding roll according to the rules of Aeon IV.

The value of roll is evaluated (at least) a number of times equal to poolSize. If its value is lower to target is added to the previous result, otherwise is discarded and roll is immediately evaluated branches times. Each one of these evaluations can lead to further explosions.

To avoid infinite loops, at least one outcome out of 3 of roll should not explode, otherwise an error is generated and the function is not computed.


The formula aeon(1d6,3,6) is the same as aeon(1d6,3,6,2).
Some results generated by aeon(1d6,3,6,2):
[2,5,3] = 10
[1,6»{3,4},2] = 10 (each "»" denotes an explosion)
[2,6»{6»{1,4},3},4] = 14


Supported since Quick Dice Roller 2.1.0

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