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What is Quick Dice Roller?

Quick Dice Roller is a tool to help players to simulate complex dice rolls. It is designed primarily for RolePlayers, but is great for all tabletop games who require dice rolls.

How does it work?

Please check the Quick Start Guide.

Why should I use Quick Dice Roller?

Quick Dice Roller is able to simulate almost all the complex dice rolls required by RPG systems. It can evaluate dice formulas as simple as "2d6+3" or very complex like "rak(1d4,5)+min(lvl*2,30)".

I need to write dice formulas every time?

Of course not. You can create a dice and assign a formula to it. Then, every time you tap to the dice created the formula is evaluated and the result shown.

It is possible to organize dice in collections?

Of course. Swipe the screen left to right to access the Dice Bags area. Each Dice Bag contains a different set of Dice, Modifiers and Named Values

What are Named Values?

Named Values are, as their name suggest, values identified by a name. You can access Named Values by swiping the screen right to left. You can use them to store game scores (points, energy left, etc...). You can use Named Values in dice formulas using their label.

Ok. But, what are Named Values?

Let me make an example. You create a Named Value with the label "test". Then, you create a new dice with the formula "(2*test - 4)d(test*test+2)". Such formula works as "2d11" if you set the Named Value "test" to 3. If you later change "test" to 4, it will now work as "4d18". Check the How To section to get more examples.

Can I help in some way with the project?

Of course. Check the Contribute to the project page.

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