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Roll again

Roll again if result is equal or below the boundary.


reroll(roll, boundary, maxRoll)
roll: A formula representing the dice to roll. Must be an indeterministic formula.
boundary: Boundary value. Another roll is triggered if the result of roll is lower or equal to this value.
maxRoll: Maximum number of extra roll that can be triggered.
The value of the last evaluation of ''roll'.


Rolls dice as long as the result is lesser or equal to a given value.

The value of roll is evaluated once. If its value is lesser or equal to boundary, roll is evaluated again and it's result will replace the previous. This is done as long as the new result is lesser or equal to boundary and the number of new rolls is lesser to maxRoll.


Some results generated by reroll(1d6, 2, 1):
[6] = 6
[1»4] = 4 (each "»" denotes an extra roll)
[2»2] = 2


Supported since Quick Dice Roller 2.1.2

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