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Roll can explode accroding to Rolemaster rules.


rolemaster(roll[, target[, fumble[, limit]]])
roll: A formula representing the dice to roll. Must be an indeterministic formula.
target: Optional. The value to reach to obtain an explosion. If not specified is equal to the maximum of roll.
fumble: Optional. The value to overcome to avoid a fumble. If not specified is equal to the minimum of roll.
limit: Optional. The maximum number of explosions. Set to 0 to make explosions limitless. If not specified is set to 0.
The value of roll, eventually exploded accroding to Rolemaster rules. Read the description for further details.


Makes an exploding roll accroding to the Rolemaster rules.

The value of roll is evaluated once. As long as its value is greater or equal to target then it is evaluated again (for a maximum of limit times) and added to the previous result.

If any of the outcome of roll is lesser or equal to fumble then it is evaluated again but the new result and all subsequent ones will be subtracted to the previous result instead of being added.

To avoid infinite loops, at least one outcome out of 3 of roll should not explode, otherwise an error is generated and the function is not computed.


The formula rolemaster(1d10) is the same as rolemaster(1d10, 10, 1, 0).
Some results generated by rolemaster(1d10, 10, 1, 0):
[8] = 8
[10»3] = 13 (each "»" denotes an extra roll)
[1»-7] = -6
[10»1»-6] = 5
[1»-10»-3] = -12


Supported since Quick Dice Roller 2.1.0

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