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This function is used to support BASH! rules.


bash(poolSize, roll)
poolSize: Number of times roll is evaluated.
roll: Represent the die to use.
Sum of all the dice rolled, including "explosions".


This function is used to support BASH! rules.

The function evaluate roll a number of times equal to poolSize. All the results are summed up.

If all the results of roll were the same, roll is evaluated again and added to the main result, and this is done as long as the result of roll is the same as the previous. The typical use to play with BASH! is bash(2, d6), that is "roll 2d6 and add a d6 as long as the result of each die is the same".

Multipliers, Dice Bonus/Penalties and Result Bonus/Penalties can be easily handled through common operators. In example a Multiplier x2 with Dice Bonus +1 and Result Bonus +3 can be represented with the formula ((bash(2, d6) +1) *2) +3.


Some results generated by bash(2, d6).
[1,5] = 6
[5,2] = 7
[6,6,4!] = 16 (each "!" denotes an extra roll)
[4,4,4!,5!] = 17


Supported since Quick Dice Roller 1.3.4

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