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Fate/Fudge test

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(:title Fate/Fudge test:)
(:category: HowTo :)
(:Summary: Roll four Fate/Fudge dice. :)
(:format: @@rak(rand(-1,1),4,4)@@ :)
(:sinceVersion: 1.3.5 :)


! Definition
:Format: {$:format}

:Named Values: \

! Description
By popular demand, this formula emulate the roll of four Fate/Fudge.

A Fate/Fudge dice is a six sided dice labeled twice with "@@+@@", "@@0@@" and "@@-@@".

Here we emulate such dice rolling four times a dice labeled "@@+1@@", "@@0@@" and "@@-1@@".

The numeric result is the sum of the four outcomes, while the extended result is´╗┐ the list of values obtained.

! History
Supported since Quick Dice Roller {$:sinceVersion}\\

! See also
* [[HowTo|+]]
* [[rak|+]]
* [[rand|+]]
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