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Magic Missile (AD&D)

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(:title Magic Missile (AD&D):)
(:category: HowTo :)
(:Summary: Compute the damage of a Magic Missile spell in AD&D. :)
(:format: @@rak(1d4+1,min(rup(lvl/2),5),5)@@ :)
(:sinceVersion: 1.2.0 :)


! Definition
:Format: {$:format}

:Named Values: \
@@lvl@@: Level of the caster (1 to 20)

! Description
This formula compute the damage of a Magic Missile spell in AD&D based on the caster level.

A single missile deal 1d4+1 point of damage. A caster can create a single missile at the first level, and one extra missile each 2 levels, up to a maximum of 5 missiles.

The extended result will show the damage of each missile.

! History
Supported since Quick Dice Roller {$:sinceVersion}\\

! See also
* [[HowTo|+]]
* [[rak|+]]
* [[min|+]]
* [[rup|+]]
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