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(:category: Function:)
(:category: Function :)
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(:title HERO System:)
(:category: Function:)
(:Summary: Compute Normal Damage and Body Damage according to the HERO System. :)
(:format: @@hero(poolSize)@@ :)
(:sinceVersion: 1.3.3 :)
(:lastVersion: 1.3.3 :)


! Usage
:Format: {$:format}

:Parameters: \
@@poolSize@@: Number of dice to roll. Half dice are supported.

:Returns: Sum of all the dice rolled, and number of Body Damage.

! Description
This function is used to calculate Normal Damage and Body Damage according to the '''HERO System''' rules.

The function rolls ''poolSize'' dice to obtain Normal Damage and Body Damage. These results are shown in the extended result.

The function takes in account half dice. To ignore half dice please use the [[rdn]] function: @@hero(rdn(poolSize))@@.

The function returns the total normal damage.

! Examples
Some results generated by @@hero(3.5)@@.\\
[1:0,1:0,6:2,{1:0}=9:2] = 9 (numbers in braces are half die result)\\
[1:0,4:1,4:1,{2:1}=11:3] = 11\\
[6:2,3:1,4:1,{1:0}=14:4] = 14\\

! History
Supported since Quick Dice Roller {$:sinceVersion}
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