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(:title Exalted:)
(:category: Function :)
(:Summary: Makes a check using Exalted rules. :)
(:format: @@exal(poolSize, target)@@ :)
(:sinceVersion: 1.2.0 :)
(:lastVersion: 1.2.0 :)


! Usage
:Format: {$:format}

:Parameters: \
@@poolSize@@: Number of dice to roll.\\
@@target@@: Value to reach with a dice roll to obtain a success.

:Returns: The number of successes, according to '''Exalted''' rules.

! Description
Makes a check using '''Exalted''' rules.

A d10 is rolled ''poolSize'' times. Each time the result is greater or equal to ''target'' a success is obtained.

An extra success is obtained each time is rolled a 10.

If no successes are obtained and at least one die rolled a one, then the test is a botch and the function return a -1.

! Examples
Some results generated by @@exal(5, 7)@@\\
[7!,10!!,1,2,8!] = 4 (each "!" denotes a success)\\
[6,4,2,6,5] = 0\\
[2,1,3,2,6≡B] = -1 (the "B" indicate a botch)\\

! History
Supported since Quick Dice Roller {$:sinceVersion}
Page last modified on October 23, 2014, at 12:14 PM