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Qdr: (Obsolete) Exploding

Make an exploding/collapsing roll using a threshold.


explode(roll, threshold)
roll: A formula representing the dice to explode. Must be an indeterministic formula.
threshold: A threshold used to determine if the roll explodes or not.
The value of roll, eventually exploded. Read the description for further details.


Note: this function is obsolete. Please use Exploding/Collapsing instead.

Make an exploding/collapsing roll using a threshold to tell if the roll explodes or not.

The threshold represents the number of probability that the explosion occurs. Thus, the explosion happens if roll is evaluated greater or equal to it's maximum minus (threshold - 1).

The same happens for lower values: if the value evaluated is minor or equal to roll's minimum value plus (threshold - 1), the roll explodes downwards.

When the roll explodes, is evaluated again and added (or subtracted) to the previous result. The new roll can explode again.

If roll is a fixed value or if its range is too short (ex. 1d2), exp simply returns the value of roll to avoid loops.


The formula explode(1d100,5) will explode upwards for values 96,97,98,99,100, while will explode downwards for the values 1,2,3,4,5.
[88] = 88
[96,12] = 108
[3,47] = -44
[99,100,36] = 235
[98,5,72] = 31
[100,4,96,62] = 70


Supported since Quick Dice Roller 1.2.0
Obsolete since Quick Dice Roller 2.0.0 - use Exploding/Collapsing.

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